Install Docker collector

Telegraf comes with an integrated docker plugin, to monitor and measure docker related metrics. Please read the following documentation to setup the Telegraf docker plugin.

Set permission to access the Docker API with Telegraf

The Telegraf docker plugin requires access to the docker REST API endpoint. Since in Docker 0.5.2, the REST API endpoint is bound to a UNIX socket instead of a TCP socket. By default that Unix socket is owned by the user root. To allow Telegraf to access the socket file, you need to add the user running Telegraf to the docker group or to the dockerroot group if you are using the RedHat docker packge.

sudo usermod -aG docker telegraf

or for Redhat docker package:

sudo usermod -aG dockerroot telegraf

Configure Telegraf to measure docker

Uncomment or set the following configuration parameters in the telegraf.conf file:

  ## Docker Endpoint
  ##   To use TCP, set endpoint = "tcp://[ip]:[port]"
  ##   To use environment variables (ie, docker-machine), set endpoint = "ENV"
  endpoint = "unix:///var/run/docker.sock"

Import Grafana Docker dashboard

Import newbIT Grafana dashboard for docker.

Filename: docker_dashboard.json

Additional Information

Please read the plugin README for further information and supported configuration parameter.

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