Telegraf Agent

RedHat and CentOS

Online install

Install the latest stable version of Telegraf using the yum package manager:

cat <<EOF | sudo tee /etc/yum.repos.d/newbit_ntsa.repo
  name = newbIT nTSA Repository - RHEL $releasever
  baseurl =$basearch/
  enabled = 1
  gpgcheck = 1
  gpgkey =

Offline install

You can download the newbIT packages from us by clicking here.

Copy the Telegraf rpm-package to the system and install Telegraf by running:

Note: Please ajust the version to your downloaded package version before executing the command

sudo rpm -i telegraf-x.x.x-x.x86_64.rpm -y

Start telegraf

Enable and start the Telegraf service by running:

sudo systemctl enable telegraf
sudo systemctl start telegraf


We provide our customers an MSI package to enable them to easily deploy Telegraf onto their Windows estate. This package installs the Telegraf binary and a default configuration under C:\Program Files\telegraf and creates a Windows Service called telegraf.

The package can be download from our package website, click here to download the Windows package.

Start telegraf

Start Telegraf service by running the following command in a console windows:

PS> net start telegraf

Basic Telegraf configuration

Note: the configuration options shown below are the same, regardless of the operating system used

# Configuration for influxdb server to send metrics to
  # The full HTTP or UDP endpoint URL for your InfluxDB instance.
  # Multiple urls can be specified but it is assumed that they are part of the same
  # cluster, this means that only ONE of the urls will be written to each interval.
  # urls = ["udp://localhost:8089"] # UDP endpoint example
  urls = [""] # required
  # The target database for metrics (telegraf will create it if not exists)
  database = "telegraf" # required
  # Precision of writes, valid values are "ns", "us" (or "µs"), "ms", "s", "m", "h".
  # note: using second precision greatly helps InfluxDB compression
  precision = "s"

  ## Write timeout (for the InfluxDB client), formatted as a string.
  ## If not provided, will default to 5s. 0s means no timeout (not recommended).
  timeout = "5s"
  username = "telegraf"
  password = "metricsmetricsmetricsmetrics"
  # Set the user agent for HTTP POSTs (can be useful for log differentiation)
  # user_agent = "telegraf"
  # Set UDP payload size, defaults to InfluxDB UDP Client default (512 bytes)
  # udp_payload = 512
urls = [""]
username = "telegraf"
password = "yoursecret"

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