Set docker image version

The docker image versions are the first parameters which need to be adjusted to your installation. Please contact us for the right version combination, we will provide you the information, which will work best together.

It is important that for a offline installation, this means the server has no access to the official docker registry, that the downloaded and imported docker images match with the configured version together. Otherwise, the Ansible playbook will try to download the configured version from the docker registry an will fail.


Name Default Comments
influx_docker_influxdb_version 1.4.3 Specify the docker image version
influx_docker_chronograf_version Specify the docker image version
influx_docker_kapacitor_version 1.4.0 Specify the docker image version
influx_docker_grafana_version 5.0.0 Specify the docker image version
influx_docker_telegraf_version 1.5.2 Specify the docker image version

Example configuration

- hosts: influxdb
    - { role: influx-docker,
        influx_docker_influxdb_version: '1.4.3',
        influx_docker_chronograf_version: '',
        influx_docker_kapacitor_version: '1.4.0',
        influx_docker_grafana_version: '5.0.0',
        influx_docker_telegraf_version: '1.5.2',


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