Set InfluxDB users

The Ansible role creates and grants for the following services InfluxDB users:

  • Administation access
  • Telegraf agents
  • Grafana
  • Kapacitor


Admin user

The admin user is for administration access to InfluxDB an has the highest permissions.

Name Default Comments
influx_docker_influxdb_admin_username influxadmin
influx_docker_influxdb_admin_password *

Telegraf user

The Telegraf users is used to grant access to all Telegraf agents. The here configured used and password need to be set in all Telegraf configuration files.

Name Default Comments
influx_docker_influxdb_telegraf_username telegraf
influx_docker_influxdb_telegraf_password *

Grafana user

The Grafana users is used to access InfluxDB with Grafana. The Ansible role will auto configure Grafana based on the configured settings.

Name Default Comments
influx_docker_influxdb_grafana_username grafana
influx_docker_influxdb_grafana_password *

Kapacitor user

The Kapacitor users is used to access InfluxDB with Kapacitor. he Ansible role will auto configure Kapacitor based on the configured settings.

Name Default Comments
influx_docker_influxdb_kapacitor_username kapacitor
influx_docker_influxdb_kapacitor_password *

Example configuration

- hosts: influxdb
    - { role: influx-docker,
        influx_docker_influxdb_admin_username: "admin",
        influx_docker_influxdb_admin_password: "managemanagemanage",
        influx_docker_influxdb_telegraf_username: 'telegraf',
        influx_docker_influxdb_telegraf_password: 'metricsmetricsmetricsmetrics',
        influx_docker_influxdb_grafana_username: 'grafana',
        influx_docker_influxdb_grafana_password: 'linechartslinecharts',
        influx_docker_influxdb_kapacitor_username: 'kapacitor',
        influx_docker_influxdb_kapacitor_password: 'alarmalarmalarmalarm',

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