Set Grafana basic configuration


Name Default Arguments Comments
influx_docker_grafana_default_theme light dark, light Default UI theme
influx_docker_grafana_domain localhost hostname The public facing domain name used to access grafana from a browser
influx_docker_grafana_port 3000 0-65535 The http port to use
influx_docker_grafana_url * URL The full public facing url you use in browser, used for redirects and emails
influx_docker_grafana_allow_sign_up true true, false disable user signup / registration
influx_docker_grafana_reporting_enabled false true, false Server reporting, sends usage counters to every 24 hours
influx_docker_grafana_check_for_updates true true, false Set to false to disable all checks to for new vesions
influx_docker_grafana_disable_gravatar false true, false Disable gravatar profile images

Example configuration

- hosts: influxdb
    - { role: influx-docker,
        influx_docker_grafana_default_theme: "dark",
        influx_docker_grafana_domain: "",
        influx_docker_grafana_port: 443,
        influx_docker_grafana_allow_sign_up: "false",
        influx_docker_grafana_reporting_enabled: "false",
        influx_docker_grafana_check_for_updates: "false",
        influx_docker_grafana_disable_gravatar: "false",

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