Enable authentication for InfluxDB

For security reason it is recommended to enable authentication for InfluxDB. The Ansible role supports the Configuration of the newbIT Influx stack with authentication enables.

Note for the first run

For the first execution of the ansible-playbook you need to have influx authentication disabled, otherwise the users can't be created.

More details on the users configuration are descripted in section: InfluxDB users.


Name Default Arguments Comments
influx_docker_influxdb_auth_enabled false true, false It is recommended to enable authentication

Example configuration

- hosts: influxdb
    - { role: influx-docker,
        influx_docker_influxdb_auth_enabled: true,
        influx_docker_influxdb_admin_username: "admin",
        influx_docker_influxdb_admin_password: "managemanagemanage",
        influx_docker_influxdb_telegraf_username: 'telegraf',
        influx_docker_influxdb_telegraf_password: 'metricsmetricsmetricsmetrics',
        influx_docker_influxdb_grafana_username: 'grafana',
        influx_docker_influxdb_grafana_password: 'linechartslinecharts',
        influx_docker_influxdb_kapacitor_username: 'kapacitor',
        influx_docker_influxdb_kapacitor_password: 'alarmalarmalarmalarm',

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