Enable authentication for InfluxDB

The Ansible role creates the shell script influxdb_backup.sh to backup your InfluxDB databases. The script influxdb_backup.sh will be stored under path {{ influx_docker_data_path }}/scripts and will be backup all databases which you list in the variable influx_docker_databases.

Read more here for the script location and here the backup location.

Please note the Ansible role does not setup the scheduling of the script. Please use CRON or your preferred schedule to do so.


The admin user is for administration access to InfluxDB an has the highest permissions.

Name Default Comments
influx_docker_databases telegraf _internal kapacitor Add additional databases in the value with a space before database name

Example configuration

- hosts: influxdb
    - { role: influx-docker,
        influx_docker_databases: "telegraf _internal kapacitor",

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